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C Ronaldo flashing Portuguese 1-0 Morocco

Focus of a battle in 2018 Russia world cup group B second round, in Moscow on Lu Nicky stadium, the Portuguese champions 1-0 Lectra North Africa powerhouse Morocco, with 1 wins and 1 draws in the top the group temporarily. In fourth minutes, the C Luo Yu jump scored the top fourth goals of the tournament. And Morocco became the first team to win the tournament.

The first group phase, with the Portuguese ace C, hat trick, 3-3 draw with Spain Morocco is the hot favorite to win; because the stoppage time goal, Hanfu Iran 0-1. In history, two teams fought once, and Portugal lost 1-3 to Morocco in the 1986 World Cup group match. In this service, Portugal and Morocco all adjusted the first line-up and formation, Portugal replaced Fernandes with Mario, C Luo 152nd times for the national team, Motinho’s 112nd appearance for the national team, and the Morocco defense line replaced Da Costa, put the Alba bar to the right road ahead, the front replaced cloth TSEB, Continue the 4-2-3-1 formation.

In second minutes, Morocco’s continuous cutting and matching in the left road, Ashe’s Ralph hoddie left, the top of the tower was thrown out. Fourth minutes, the B corner kick was ejecting, and the outside of grero’s restricted area was shot against the bottom line. In fourth minutes, B fouled out a tactical corner kick, and in the mudio biography, C scored the top of the jump, and 1-0, Portugal took the lead. C Luo scored fourth goals in the tournament and was also the eighty-fifth goal of his 152nd national team.

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