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Trump defends North Korea summit, trashes media: ‘We got so much for peace in the world’

As other politicians prepared for Sunday morning talk shows, President Trumpcircumvented the traditional press circuit once again by tweeting a blue streak on the North Korea summit and, from his perspective, the media’s failure to properly acknowledge his successes.

He repeatedly defended the highly publicized meeting in Singapore last week with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un against criticisms that it was primarily a spectacle that yielded few tangible results. Trump said Kim agreed to stop testing nuclear weapons and rockets and to return hostages.

Trump specifically pushed back against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who said on the Senate floor that the summit was more show than substance. To make his point, Schumer used an old Texas phrase “all hat, no cattle” but got the order wrong — hence, “all cattle, no hat.” Trump, not one to let the mistakes of his opponents slide, quoted the error back to Schumer while defending the summit.

Trump claimed there wa

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